Our brand Bag PRO is modernizing and adopts a look more in line with our values.

Discover the main changes made in this article.

A totally redesigned logo

Le logo Bag PRO
We wanted to modernize our brand to give it the identity that corresponds to it.

Bag PRO now has a more modern identity. Enclosed in a simple but solid space like the square, our logo shows the robust and durable characteristics of our products.

These are designed for you. They are created with quality materials allowing them to acquire a robustness and a consequent efficiency.

A new website more modern and more efficient!

More information about our brand here.

The main objective of this graphic redesign of the brand was to propose a new and more efficient website, with new features and, most importantly, an interface designed for you.

Our site presents our products in a clear and simple way, with no surplus to get to the basics.

Our team is also in the spotlight because you will find more information on our business and the group of people behind the brand Bag PRO.